Foot Pain Due to Weak Calf Muscles…

Foot Pain Due to Weak Calf Muscles…

Big toe pain could be linked to problems with calf strength. Many people don’t realize it, but the calves are connected to the big toe.  The flexor hallucis longus (FHL) muscle is one of the three deep muscles in the back of the leg that attaches to the underside of the big toe. Exercises that involve slowly raising up onto the toes, and slowly lowering again are the secret to working these muscles within the calf.

Many patients with weak calf muscles develop foot and ankle problems.

What Is The Best Way To Do A Calf Raise?

To pick just one exercise that will do the most good for the entire lower limb—the calves, ankles, Achilles, feet, and toes—it would be the calf raise. It is one of the most basic exercises, but also one of the most important for strength and control.

The correct technique for calf raises is to push through the big toe joint, rising up onto your toes at a slow and controlled speed. We recommend a two-second stretch, followed by a one-second contraction up, a two-second hold at the top of the range-of-motion, and then a one-second eccentric motion back down. Most people do this exercise too fast, so it needs to be slowed down from what you have been used to doing. Be mindful of your movements. Make sure you are going right down for a full stretch, past the level of the stair and then right up onto your toes as high as you can. When you lower yourself slowly back down again, be sure you are maintaining your body weight through the big toe. Be careful not to let your foot tilt in or out, and keep your knee over your foot.

Think about this every time you hit that bottom step on your stairs! Stop – and do 10 rises and falls, but make them count – do them slowly!