Verruca Vanishing Act…

Verruca! The word itself is enough to make anyone shudder with fear or roll their eyes in disgust! They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and can be present in 7-12% of the population at one time. With a population of approx. 65 million in the UK it is therefore likely that there are 6.5 million people walking around with at least one verruca.

Verruca can be very stubborn to treat as they are a virus, and until recently we have not had a good treatment for this.

Here at the Forest Foot and Health Clinic we have over 22 years of experience of treating verruca. On average we see approx. 25 to 30 patients per month. We have tried many different methods to treat verruca, but we now have the latest and most advanced technology, The Swift Microwave machine. This was released in 2016 and we can offer this revolutionary treatment to most of our verruca patients (dependant on medical status).

The results of a recent audit, at our clinic, show that 86% of the verruca treated with the swift microwave were completely eradicated with 4 treatments.

Follow our Case Study on patient X whose stubborn verruca took 20 years to treat…

Patient X first attended Forest Foot and Health Clinic in 1996 presenting with 1x Verruca to the ball of the right foot. The patient had been to see the GP who suggested seeing a podiatrist. After 4 acid treatments the verruca appeared to be gone. But no, at the next treatment the verruca had returned! This ongoing battle with the verruca persisted over the next 8 years! Patient X tried all the traditional treatments available at the time including various acids and caustics and freezing treatment, none of which saw full resolution of the verruca.

It was not until patient X returned to our clinic in 2017, after seeing our advertisement for the Swift Microwave treatment, that this patient tried once again to combat these stubborn verrucae. Patient X completed the Swift microwave treatment package and has now been clear of verruca for the past 18 months. What a miracle! Patient X is delighted to see the Verruca vanish, as are we!

If you have a stubborn verruca, please don’t wait 20 years like Mr X!!!!!

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