National Diabetes week 13 Top Tips

13 top tips that a podiatrist would discuss with someone with diabetes

As part of diabetes awareness, the Diabetes council asked a large number of podiatrist for their tips on good foot care for those with diabetes.

Their 13 top tips were as follows:

  1. Never walk barefoot. Always wear the appropriate shoe for the activity you are performing.
  2. Inspect your feet daily. Making sure to check between all your toes and the sole of your feet. if you unable to bend down to see the bottoms of your feet try using a mirror or ask someone at home to look for you.
  3. Dry well between toes to avoid moisture build up and prevent athlete’s foot infection.
  4. Apply moisturizer to both feet and lower legs twice daily, avoid placing between toes.
  5. Check water temperature with hand prior to bathing/showering.
  6. Do not use hot water bottles or heating pads to the feet or legs.
  7. Inspect shoes routinely to look for any torn seams, nail points, foreign objects. Do not wear garters or rubber bands to hold up socks/stockings.
  8. Do not wear shoes without socks or stockings.
  9. Do not try to cut calluses or corns with any sharp objects. Avoid using over the counter corn treatments as they can be dangerous.
  10. Do not try to dig out any ingrown toenails.
  11. Do not ignore any pains, redness or other signs of infection. Prompt attention is mandatory
  12. Smokers are implored to quit as smoking can decrease circulation to the legs and feet which may already be impaired in diabetic patients
  13. Lastly, to call a registered podiatrist with any concerns or questions.


Our thanks to The Diabetes Council for the information.