National Diabetes week A personal story

Following on from yesterday and continuing the theme of National Diabetes awareness week, today we present a personal story on diabetes.

Hi I would just like to share with you my personal experience of diabetes.

My son was diagnosed 2 years ago with type 2 diabetes. Although not overweight he was very under the weather with urine infections ,general tiredness and constant thirst.

A friend of mine had noticed his symptoms – headaches, constant thirst and weight loss, constant trips to the loo and commented that I should encourage him to go to a G.P for a blood test.

We did this and there was a bit of panic at the time as he was showing very high glucose levels in the high twenty’s. (Fasting test levels expected to be 5 – 6)

He was given medication and advice etc and following these, his levels subsided to at least half the original readings.

But he then become very complacent, not taking meds correctly, poor diet and suffered severe consequences with abscesses, infections and generally feeling very unwell.

This gave him the jolt he needed back to G.P to get more medication and the kick up the backside he needed .

The G.P told him in no uncertain terms the consequences of not looking after himself and where it would lead to – a life on insulin and many other health problems.

He has now taken this in hand and is back down to normal blood sugar levels, with a good diet, exercise and taking his medication regularly.

He is feeling better than ever and can see, as well as feel the difference .

Diabetes can be controlled by following medical advice – a good healthy diet as well as exercise and medication .

Please take care of yourself it really is important to follow advice  and make a bit of effort.  Tt really is not that difficult!


Tomorrow in our forth article during National Diabetic awareness week  What is Type 2 diabetes and how you can try and reverse it.