No Blisters in the Grand Canyon

Bulging blisters!

Since Daniella has completed her travels in North America and saw some of the most fantastic national parks she started to think about blisters.

Whilst Daniella was away she completed various long and short hikes in the national parks she visited.

One of the most spectacular hikes she completed was the Bright Angel Trail in which she hiked 12.2 miles/3080ft below the rim and down into the Grand Canyon! This was the most difficult hike of the trip not only because it was hot but because it was physically demanding hiking downhill for a couple of hours knowing the ascent was yet to come!

Daniella said

“Standing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon was phenomenal, to think how vast it is. Only 13% has been explored on foot and I was standing in a portion of that 13%!  To complete the hike and then stand at the top of the South Rim looking into the Canyon gave me an amazing sense of achievement!”

“By the time I reached the top I had been hiking for almost 8 hrs  (including rest stops) and was beginning to think about my feet and the state they might be in after that gruelling hike!”

“I returned to the campsite from the trailhead and removed my walking boots and socks to reveal my hot and swollen feet although to my amazement no blisters!

“I asked the rest of the team that I had been hiking with if they had any blisters either and again no one did!”

Blisters are usually formed when friction occurs over an area where the skin has been damaged. Clear fluid collects between the layers of skin to cushion the tissue below protecting it from further damage.

“Everyone in my hiking group had been on long hikes before and had worn in their walking boots, we also all had thick woollen socks on to prevent shearing and friction.”

These are important factors to consider when buying new shoes.

They should be worn in gradually to help prevent blisters and painful feet.

Happy hiking!

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