Don’t let that bunion get you down!…

It’s National Bunion Day on Thursday 26th April 2018, the very first of it’s kind! The day is sponsored by Sole Bliss a company designing shoes for women with bunions. it is aimed at raising awareness and removing the stigma commonly related to having bunions.

It is thought that more than 15% of women in the UK

suffer with bunions, although men experience them too!

So, what is a bunion?

A bunion is a deformity of the big toe. In most cases the toe progresses towards the second toe at an excessive angle and a bony lump on the inside of the foot is formed.

The area over the bony lump can develop a fluid filled sac which can become inflamed and sore. This is called a bursa.

Contrary to popular belief a bunion is not caused by shoes alone. Genetics and foot posture are also causative factors which can lead to people with a certain foot type more prone to developing a bunion.

Bunions can be all sizes and some are painful. 

At the Forest Foot and Health clinic, we have 3 qualified podiatrists available to diagnose and treat your bunions. We offer advice, exercises and orthotics to help prevent the bunion from progressing. We stick to conservative treatments as undergoing foot surgery to remove the bunion is not always successful and can be very painful.

If you are suffering with a bunion, don’t hesitate to contact us to help you manage your symptoms!

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