Athletes Foot Treatment

Athletes’ foot is a common fungal skin infection. 
It presents as itchy peeling skin between the toes or anywhere of the foot, a peeling rash, or a rash of small brown-red spots. It can be very itchy and uncomfortable. Sometimes it can present as a dry, eczema type of skin, with underlying inflammation.
Fungi, or dermatophytes live on our skin naturally, and usually do not cause us a problem. However, when provided with the right conditions (warm, damp and dark), they can multiply and become uncomfortable.  The fungus also lives in other warm, wet conditions such showers and public swimming pools.  It is easily spread from person to person, or from sharing towels, socks etc.Risks

If the fungal infection is left it can spread or spread to others.  With damaged or broken skin, a secondary bacterial infection such as cellulitis may develop. Thus treatment of the fungal infection is very important.


At The Forest Foot and Health Clinic treatment may involve:

  • Callus debridement and treatment of open lesions
  • Different creams and sprays targeted at treating the fungus
  • Further advice to prevent the problem from recurring
  • Possible referral to GP for oral antifungal medication