Sport Relief Week 18th-23rd March 2018

Are you getting enough exercise? Are you completing the recommended daily step target of 10,000 steps?

Sport Relief is a biannual event and is a branch off the classic Comic Relief and Red Nose Day which started in 1985 and since then has broken many records for the amount of money raised to fund various different projects over the years.

The overall money raised by sport relief is able to benefit over 2,000 projects in UK and the world. Those projects include helping people and families with mental health issues, maternal health issues and people suffering with malaria.

Daniella has signed up to get involved in the Nations billion step challenge by downloading the sport relief app on her phone and contributing to the daily step target. Sport Relief have set a target for everyone involved to try and beat a Billion steps each day so the more people who contribute the greater the step count will be.

As Daniella is quite fit and active she is going to try and reach a target of 10,000 each day, though this may be difficult whilst sitting down for most of the day at work!

The Forest Foot and Health clinic would like to remind those that may be less active to try a smaller target to start with as rapidly increasing activity levels can lead to various injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis is the most prevalent foot pain problem in adults in the UK. Here at The Forest Foot and Health clinic we are equipped to deal with the problem and get you back on your feet once we get you started on our exercise programme.

So why not sign up too and happy stepping!