Postural Biomechanics Day – Banbury

Postural Biomechanics Day – Banbury

Last Saturday the Forest foot & Health practitioners took a day out of our busy week to attend a refresher course to update our Postural Biomechanic skills.  

The workshop was a very interesting way to review how people walk, what might be wrong with their posture and foot posture and how we, as practitioners, might correct these anomalies.

“What does that mean to me?”  I hear you cry.

Many of our patients attend our clinic for treatment with painful feet, ankles, lower legs, knees, hips and back pain.   Did you know that most of these problems stem from poor posture that we have adopted due to our lifestyles, both at work and at home?

We know that many of us sit for too long in unsupportive chairs, hunched over the computer or ipad, or watching TV.

At the Forest Foot & Health Clinic, where we have 3 full-time podiatrists, an Osteopath and a physiotherapist,  we are able to assess you from top to toe to be able to put your posture BACK IN LINE!

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