“What’s the crack?:



What is that noise when our joints pop, click or crack and what does it actually do?

This is a question that both Osteopaths and Chiropractors get asked quite often.

A technique that is used by many Osteopaths and Chiropractors which can cause this popping noise is called a High Velocity Thrust.   Joint manipulation is another term used to describe the same thing.

This technique is used on joints that have fluid between two bones.  A side-effect of the technique can sometimes create a pop or click or crack.

You can imagine how creating a cavity can make a noise… wet your hands with soapy water (you may be able to do it with dry hands), push your palms together at right angles to one another so that it pushes the air out. Then pull apart quickly. You should feel a mild pull or tension that holds your hands together before getting a slight pop.

This is effectively what is believed to be happening when we ‘crack a knuckle’ or when joint manipulation techniques are used.

So, what does Manipulation do?

Manipulation aims to relieve restricted joints and the surrounding muscles.

But, of course, our bodies are much more complicated than that.

That is why our approach does not rely solely on manipulation,  but will also include  a mixture of gentle joint mobilisations, massage, exercises, ergonomic and lifestyle advice and even an assessment of your diet.

You as a person are more than the sum of your bones and joints and so you should be treated as such!





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