Ingrown Toe Nail Solution!

Last November was World Antibiotics Awareness week where we discussed the importance of finishing a course of antibiotics to prevent resistant bugs but also, more pertinent to us here at The Forest Foot and Health Clinic, how antibiotics will not resolve your ingrown toe nail.

Recently, a patient was told by their GP that the waiting list to correct these painful ingrown toe nails is a whole year on the NHS. This may explain why many new patients attend our clinic with longstanding, painful ingrown toenails. They have often been back to see their GP 4 or 5 times, and at each time have been given another course of antibiotics to try to resolve their ingrowing toenail. While the antibiotics dulled the inflammation, once the course was completed, the inflammation and pain returned.

The problem is that an ingrowing toenail is caused by a spicule of nail growing into the surrounding skin, which then causes inflammation and exquisite pain. The antibiotics do not cure the spicule! Our podiatrists can remove the spicule of nail and rid you of the pain. No more pain and no further need for unnecessary antibiotic treatment.

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