World Innovation Day – 16th February

Today is world innovation day; this is a day where we can celebrate some of the big names that have brought us innovative ideas that have changed the way that we live.

We can thank people like Thomas Edison for the light bulb, Alexander Graham Bell for the telephone and the Wright Brothers for the ability to fly!



Here at the Forest Foot and Health Clinic, we too are huge fans of innovation. We strive to bring you some of the latest and more effective treatments, so that we can treat your concerns to the best of our ability.

Scanning devices to make bespoke orthotics, Swift microwave treatment for verrucae and Clearanail treatment for fungal nails are all examples of how technology in Podiatry has advanced and it’s all available here at the clinic!

If you want to find out more about these innovations and some of the other innovative technologies that we use at the clinic, click on the hyperlinks above or explore our website and find out how our latest technologies can help you!


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