Winter Snow can have its benefits…

The Beast from the East and Storm Emma have created havoc and major disruption across the UK. It is all the news seem to want to talk about. This may have prevented you from getting to work, the shops or even… the gym!

For those of you sensible enough not to risk the treacherous conditions to get to the gym there are plenty of ways to get outside and use the snow to get your daily exercise in and have a bit of fun too.

Before you go outside, be prepared for trip hazards, disguised curbs and, obviously, the cold. Wear ski gear if you have it: salopettes, long johns, ski jackets, snood, gloves and snow boots are very effective at keeping the cold and wet out. Otherwise, wear multiple layers (avoid cotton or material that would soak up the melting snow) and don’t worry about looking like the Michelin man, the more layers the better, you’ll thank yourself for it later! Have a hot drink in a flask ready near-by.

With the right gear (mentioned above), going for a stomp in the snow is brilliantly relieving for stress with fewer cars on the road, fresh air and your local area turned into a new white landscape. The soft crunch of snow under-foot I find strangely satisfying! Enjoy a walk in your temporary snowy utopia. 

Snow Angels – need I say more?

Snowman building is a classic winter past-time! Get the snowball rolling through the thick covered areas of your garden and push it around until you reach your desired size for body, torso and head! Compacting and squeezing the snowball as you work gets your pecs, shoulders and arms working and pushing it around gets your gluts, thighs and calfs working (especially as it gets bigger!) Vary the way you move the snowball around so not over working one aspect of your body, for example, kneel and move the ball around you in an arc. Take regular hot chocolate/tea breaks if needed.

Lifting the torso and head onto the body requires power from your legs and back too to get it up there. Always have someone to help you out if needed, compacted snow gets heavy! Check out my time-lapse video below of my attempt at making a snowman…

As I tell my patients regularly, any movement is exercise and the more you do the better you’ll feel. So whatever you decide to do in the snow, make sure you enjoy it as best as you can and stay safe.

Are you proud of your snowman? Why not send us pictures of yours and show off the fruits of your labour. 

Nathan the Osteopath