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A verruca is a very common foot complaint caused by a virus, which can be difficult to treat with complete success. Warts on hands are caused by the same virus.  Though verruca are usually painless, they can be uncomfortable, especially if they are on an area of pressure on the foot.

Treating Verrucas

Traditional treatments

Home treatments are available from pharmacies, which are generally lower strengths of salicylic acid. These are often helpful as the first line of treatment and can be successful in children, who probably have not had the verruca for long.

At our clinic, we have traditionally used much stronger acids.

Treating a verruca can often be painful and protracted.

But now, we have a revolutionary new treatment for verruca which is much cleaner, and quicker, called Swift microwave technology…

Swift Microwave Treatment

An exciting NEW technology developed in the UK, called Microwave therapy is now available at our clinic.

Microwaves have been in use for over 30 years, and are very successful globally in the treatment of lung, liver, kidney and breast cancer.

The predictable and controlled power of microwaves quickly destroys all infected tissue to a predetermined depth, leaving the body to absorb and replace the treated tissue.

With this method there is

  • no need for acid
  • no need for freezing
  • no need for bandages
  • no need for anaesthetics

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in my treatment?

Your podiatrist may remove some of the overlying hard skin on the verruca before treatment with the Swift microwave probe.

The microwave treatment lasts for approximately 5 seconds. Discomfort has been compared to that of an injection or sting, but only lasts for seconds. There is no need for an anaesthetic or a dressing.

After treatment, you will be able to walk out and continue normal activities.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on how your verruca responds to the treatment. Packages for verruca removal generally involve a course of three treatments four weeks apart.

Subsequent treatments may be required for larger verrucas.

What’s the evidence?

Dr Ivan Bristow, of Southampton University, carried out a clinical study in which adults with one or more persistent verruca were recruited for treatment with the Swift microwave therapy. To be eligible for treatment, the patients had to have been treating their verrucas traditionally for at least a year without success. Results showed that of the warts treated with Swift Microwave therapy, 76% of the lesions resolved. 94% of the resolved lesions cleared after three treatments or less.


Our conventional treatments for verruca infections generally yield very successful results……..BUT

When you choose our microwave verruca treatment you do not have to undergo any painful acid treatment or freezing of your verruca and there is no need for pads.

Don’t suffer – we can help you get rid of your unsightly and painful verruca…..

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