Tis the Season to get Backache… TRA LA LA LA LAA, LA LA, LA LAAAA!

After only 30 minutes or so of wrapping up Christmas presents I was starting to feel my back aching away. Dull, between the shoulder blades and making me wish I hadn’t bought so many presents (I’m a generous person)! I had to keep squirming and changing my position for a moment of relief. I got there in the end and all the presents are wrapped and ready for Christmas!

After that 30 minutes, I reflected on what had happened. I was so focused on getting these presents looking neat and presentable that I lost all consideration of what my body was doing. What my body was doing,… was not a lot. I was slouched, cross-legged with arms out-stretched for most of the 30 minutes.

The ache I was feeling was partially fatigue of my back muscles as they strained to hold me up, partially the joints in my back getting compressed and partially the restriction of my ribs expanding when I breathed… but all of this is because my body had not MOVED!

We are all guilty of getting stuck in to whatever we have in front of us, whether that is working at a computer, a good book or wrapping Christmas presents. Eventually your body will start to ache. A sign that your body needs to move, no matter how good your posture may well be.

Remember: Motion is lotion, rest is rust. A simple analogy to remind you to keep moving and move more!

Make sure to provide your body with copious and frequent variation of movements, postures, stances, work-outs, exercises and more to keep you warm and ache free this Christmas.

I can provide you with lots of ideas and complimenting ache-neutralising treatments to help you achieve a pain-free Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Nathan the Osteopath