As an original of a grumpy old man, I am not inclined to put up with poor service, rudeness etc.  So imagine my pleasure at finding the excellent staff at The Forest Foot & Health Clinic.  All attentive reception and seen on time! The podiatrist was very efficient and quick and carried out painless treatment on a pair of feet that have suffered years of sporting abuse. Daniella put up with my ramblings with a smile! Great team — Well done. ……Bernard Lott  21/09/2017
Daniella has a calm and pleasant manner and my toenails and feet look 100% better already ….Nicola Collings 14/09/2017
Daniella is loverly and I felt like I had a thorough podiatry treatment…..Mandy Kirkman 13/09/2017
Very professional and friendly service….Sarah Williamson 13/09/2107
There are only 3 people who have made a difference in my life – my mother, my wife -and my Podiatrist, Hilary. I could not have managed my life without any of them… Don Cooper
I have nothing but praise for the most pleasant and professional way in which my various podiatry problems have been dealt with over a period of several years. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Forest Foot & Health Clinic. – James Ferrier


Nadine was tremendous: As someone who hates their feet being touched she put me completely at ease. Nadine is personable & very professional and took time to make sure I was happy and understood the treatment! Superb!If I ever have foot troubles I shall request her and recommend her to others. – Natalie Crab


Thank you for your 2 follow-up orthotic emails; the one this morning reminded me to accustom slowly to wearing the orthotics. In fact, I have worn them all day every day since I saw you, my feet are now happy in them and indeed, my feet feel more secure as I dash about, so thank you for them. I am trying to follow all that you told me, so hopefully you will see an improvement when I see you next. – Tricia Barker


Thank you for your ‘welcome’ email–a refreshing service/customer follow-up, and much appreciated. Nadine is an excellent Podiatrist practitioner–charming and empathetic.  Alice and both your receptionists were very charming too. I have strongly recommended Forest Foot and Health Clinic to friends, thank you. – David Davies 


Nathan is very attentive and professional Osteopath with excellent “bedside” manners. Your Osteopath, Nathan is a fantastic addition to your team!  A great guy and I feel confident in his ability.  Really thrilled. – Liz Chislett


Having suffered from back problems for many yrs, due to carelessness when younger, I received regular treatment from another osteopath who was recommended to me ten years ago. This was what I had expected to receive from Nathan Bull.  Last week all this changed when I visited him at your clinic.  I have never received such an in-depth MOT before; every joint inspected, vertebrae felt, problem spots indentified & professional advice supplied. A long standing problem was noted & reasons for the condition discussed. Simple treatment to ease the problem was demonstrated and I left feeling much better than I have for some time. This enthusiatic young professional is really excellent & I can thoroughly recommend him to all potential patients. – Terry Drew


Just a brief note to thank you for the excellent orthotics.  They are a great assistance to me and are a great help to my stance. – Angela Twigg


Thank you Hilary for you expertise yesterday in performing a nail operation on my son.  Your technical proficiency was fantastic.  More than that, you really made the patient feel at ease while the procedure was in progress. – Adrian Went


We wanted to congratulate you on your achievements which we admire so much. Hard work, cordiality, top class professionalism and great knowledge all combine to make us and others admire and appreciate your endeavours and obvious success, a joy, enjoy. – Sally & John Fox


Many congratulations on twenty years in Cadnam. It has been a wonderful achievement and provides an invaluable service to a wide local area and is much appreciated. – Anne Phillips


Thank you so much for your welcome email message. It is very much appreciated, and reinforces my view that your business is professionally run, and very happy!.  My visit was a little daunting, but my fears were soon left behind.  My feet have never looked better, and I will be very pleased to come back for future treatments and also to recommend you to my friends. Thank you again. –
Anne Harding


I had an appointment yesterday with Alice. I had a realy painful in growing toenail which she managed to remove for me as well as taking measures to ensure that it does not return.  I was so greatful that you managed to see me the same day and that you took on the challenge of removing it there and then.  It sounds crazy but I feel like a different person now that the pain has gone. – Marie Rowland


A very pleasant experience. Every consideration given. – Carol Sims


I was very pleased with the result of my first visit to your clinic and have made a second appointment already. Alice was friendly & professional and made me feel comfortable and confident and I’m more than happy to see her again.  On my experience so far, I would have no hesitation in recommending your clinic to others. – Denise Hadleigh


I would like to say how impressed I was with my treatment by Alice. It was such a pleasant and enjoyable experience and I look forward to my next appointment with her. – Anne Driscoll


Dear Hilary, Gentle & Sweet, Constantly caring for our feet, Keeps us walking that straight line, Leaves us feeling gaunty and fine, In fact, I’d go so far to say, I’m ready for “Strictly” anyday! – Elizabeth Hunter


Thank you for creating a lovely experience whilst treating my feet.  Due to pressure of work, I nearly rescheduled my appointment as I have deadlines lining up from nowhere .( Or it just feels like that before Christmas !) I am rather jumpy about having my feet touched and nervous about having dead skin removed, at the best of times. However, your calm, friendly professionalism put me at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the ” Me Time ” whist having my feet treated. I left feeling relaxed and so pleased with the look and feel of my feet. It’s all in the detail and Alice has got it. – Nick Carter


I caught my toenail on a sock and it very quickly became red and incredibly painful. I was really scared to go and see anyone about it, but the Podiatrist told me how she could give me a local anaesthetic in my toe, so I wouldn’t feel anything. Then she explained how she would cut out the piece of nail that had got lodged in the skin. It sounded awful, to be honest, but she was so calm and reassuring, and my toe was killing me, so I decided to go for it! Happily, it was all very professionally done, I didn’t feel a thing and my toe has been fine ever since. I now go regularly for podiatry to make sure I don’t have that problem again.
I will recommend The Forest Foot & Health Clinic to anyone, I have been going there for about 6 to 7 Years now and have always found Hilary and the team to be so helpful and polite. Of course their prices are also reasonable.Thank you everyone. – Chris Negus


The Forest Foot and Health Clinic …….Side effects!!!!! I was 62 yrs old when my partner Gilly laughingly said, “As we get older, it seems to be that our legs get longer and our arms get shorter, making it increasingly difficult to reach and tend to our feet”.
So it became time to research our local podiatry clinics and as good luck would have it we chose the Forest Foot and Health Clinic with Hilary and her competent and friendly receptionist Glenda.
16years on and my feet are in excellent condition thanks to the numerious sessions with Hilary. Many treatments have side effects, (not always unpleasant), these turned out to be fun sessions with great treatment and laughter, gaining knowledge of each others interests and families and then when my partner died so suddenly the biggest and best side effect was their love hugs and caring during the funeral and ongoing to this day. So very thoughtful. Thank you – Cindy Howlett


I make regular visits to Hilary Nossiter at the Forest Foot & Health Clinic for an ‘MOT’ on my feet so that I can keep active and continue to enjoy my dog walking and line dancing for many years to come. Hilary generates a feeling of wellbeing and I always come away with a spring in my step!
Pauline Oliver


Whenever I visit the Forest Foot and Health Clinic my first impression is that the whole establishment shrieks of professionalism. From being greeted by a smiling receptionist and waiting a short while for my appointment, I notice how spotless everywhere is, even the co-ordinated photographs of the experts who are available.
Following my excellent treatment I walk away with a spring in my step, just as if I was walking on air. Bliss, for another few weeks. – Terry Drew Upcher & Co.


I wish I had come here before. This is the best podiatry treatment I have had in ten years. – Howard Godden


I have been treated by Mrs Hilary Nossiter for the past 3 years at her practice The Forest Foot & Health Clinic in Cadnam, Hampshire.  There is only one word necessary to describe the business, “impressive”.
The business basics are a given, pleasant and efficient front office and reception. Spacious, hygienic and modern consulting room with up-to-date equipment and treatment procedures.
Mrs Nossiter is a skilled practitioner and although business-like in all her client relationships, she presents a friendly and competent demeanour to all her patients young and old. She is especially caring to the more elderly of her patients. – Brian Thubron


I have been coming to the foot clinic for over 10 years and have always received top quality care. Hilary and her team are professional, friendly and do a fantastic job .  I can recommend them without any hesitation. – C Bordoli


I had such a surprise when I had my first appointment with Hilary Nossiter about three years ago when I was declared the 5000th patient. What a lovely treat it was and I have been going to the ‘forest foot & health clinic’ regularly ever since. There is always a warm welcome from their receptionist, who always sends me a quick reminder of my appointment.
Hillary and all her associates greet each person, and soon have us seated comfortably, and what ever treatment is required is done with the utmost of care and professionalism. I leave feeling refreshed by the experience and know that should any problems arise before the scheduled next appointment, Hillary will let me have her utmost attention.
The 6000th patient was welcomed a few months ago. Congratulations to Hilary and all her staff and well done on the enlarged facilities completed in recent years. – Betsy Jenkinson