Starting the New Year with a Splash!

As Thursday 11th January is ‘National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day’ what better way to start the New Year than this!

Many of us will have already broken our New Year’s resolutions which were probably far too serious anyway so why not cheer ourselves up by pretending we are children again for 5 minutes – let’s take a walk and possibly splash in some puddles along the way.

For puddle splashing you will need one or two feet (Personally I think 2 are better for jumping), a good pair of waterproof shoes/boots or if you’re going the whole hog then a nice pair of Wellington boots for authenticity.

Step 1: Go walking
Step 2: Find a puddle
Step 3: Splash in puddle
Step 4: Return Home
Step 5: Remove shoes and socks, dry feet and wrap up in cosy slippers

It is important to wear shoes and socks whilst completing these activities as many bacteria and viruses can be found in these dirty puddles.

Talking of viruses, Verrucae are caused by a viral infection often contracted whilst walking barefoot around wet areas such as swimming pools and communal showers.

It is important to be aware that verrucae can often be stubborn to treat, so by contracting them and not treating them you are a carrier of the virus with the potential to infect others, especially family who share the same bathroom at home.

Here at the Forest Foot and Health clinic we are well equipped to rid you of that nasty viral infection. With the latest technology – the Swift Microwave treatment – we can treat you swiftly (pardon the pun) in as little as 3 sessions with no dressings so you are able to continue swimming and splashing in puddles as you desire.