Road of Self-Discovery in Vietnam by Nathan Bull

Vietnam is becoming a top destination for touring Southeast Asia and for good reason. My partner and I discovered places like the UNESCO heritage site of Halong Bay, bike toured the famous Hải Vân Pass and the architecturally rich town of Hội An which lit up at night with a beautiful array of multi-coloured lanterns. It’s just a beautiful country.

Vietnam was a time for self-discovery; doing things I had never done before and pushing what I believed to be my own limits.

It is important to challenge, as often as you can, what you believe are your limits. Too often I hear patients saying, ‘I don’t do that because I don’t think I can’ or ‘I’m too old for that’ or ‘I was told that my body is falling apart (to some description) so I don’t want to make it worse’.

If you want to change, you need to challenge yourself mentally and physically. Your mind and body can adapt to these challenges, quite effectively, making you stronger, more confident and better equipped to overcome and beat the challenges.

So, whether it is doing something you fear doing, doing something you have never done before or going on a crazy trip to Vietnam that you never thought you’d do…

DO IT! (within reason!)

It is liberating to realise that your only limitation, is yourself.

If pain, stiffness or discomfort is stopping you from conquering your limitations why not come and see me and see how I can help you on your journey to pain relief.

Thanks for reading.

Nathan the Osteopath


If you want to change,

you need to challenge yourself

mentally and physically

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