National Diabetes week Blog 2

Following on from yesterday and continuing the theme of National Diabetes awareness week, today we discuss how we assess the diabetic foot.

As indicated in our last article a side effect of diabetes can be loss of feeling in the feet ( peripheral neuropathy) or poor blood flow (peripheral vascular disease)

All diabetic podiatry patients at our clinic will undergo a diabetic assessment at least once per year.

There are 2 simple tests that we can carry out to determine if you have Peripheral Neuropathy or Peripheral Vascular Disease.

Peripheral Neuropathy – 10g Monofilament Test

a) You will be asked to close your eyes and a monofilament will be applied to 10 areas on the foot. You will be asked to acknowledge if you can feel the monofilament and whereabouts on the foot you can feel it.



Peripheral Vascular Disease – Doppler Test

b) A Doppler is a machine used to listen to your pulses. The Podiatrist will place the Doppler on 2 locations on each foot and listen for your pulses. The sound of your pulse will determine how elastic your arteries are and the strength and quality of the blood flow reaching your feet.


These two test help, you and your podiatrist watch for changes in your feet.

Tomorrow in our third article during National Diabetic awareness week we have a personal story of a mother’s account of her sons diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

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