As we get older, it is important to implement good foot care to stay active. From around 55,

feet can naturally develop problems due to years of daily wear and tear, and because skin

loses its elasticity and starts to become thin.


A good foot care regime will improve foot health and help prevent common problems:

• Keep toenails short as nails that become too long can press against the end of shoes and cause

soreness, and even infection and ulceration.

• Check your feet regularly, daily if necessary, and moisturise (but not between the toes) to keep

them supple as feet lose their natural oils as they age and nails can become brittle.

• Keep feet warm by wearing warm socks or stockings. Avoid anything too tight which may

restrict circulation or cramp toes.

• Stay active and on the move as this tones up muscles, helps to strengthen arches and

stimulates blood circulation.

• Ensure you choose well-fitting, supportive footwear.

Finally it is important to remember:

Foot pain is not normal.

If you experience pain, then see your podiatrist.

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