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13 top tips that a podiatrist would discuss with someone with diabetes As part of diabetes awareness, the Diabetes council asked a large number of podiatrist for their tips on good foot care for those with diabetes. Their 13 top tips were as follows: Never walk barefoot. Always wear the appropriate […]

National Diabetes week 13 Top Tips

As we get older, it is important to implement good foot care to stay active. From around 55, feet can naturally develop problems due to years of daily wear and tear, and because skin loses its elasticity and starts to become thin.   A good foot care regime will improve […]


To get the nation moving and active, Diabetes UK are promoting their 1 million step challenge. Between 1 July and 30 September, push yourself out of your comfort zone and take 1 million steps over 3 months and get sponsored for every stride. See details on their web site Our Technical […]

National Diabetes week 1 Million Step Challenge

Following on from yesterday and continuing the theme of National Diabetes awareness week, today we discuss how we assess the diabetic foot. As indicated in our last article a side effect of diabetes can be loss of feeling in the feet ( peripheral neuropathy) or poor blood flow (peripheral vascular disease) […]

National Diabetes week Blog 2